Tornado Safety

It’s never a good thing when my Mom calls and says she is heading for the basement. With the recent warm weather being slammed by a cold front blast, conditions have been ripe for tornado activity in parts of Kentucky. Such was the case last night.

Having worked for the University of Kentucky Weather Center during my collegiate days, I am abit addicted to storms. I even built our new house so I could watch the storms roar up our mountain river valley. When everybody else is headed for cover, I am out on the porch with binoculars revelling in the turmoil. Probably not too smart….but I’ve been a storm junkie since I was a little kid.

What’s the difference between a tornado watch and tornado warning?

So for my prudent readers, who wisely do not take unnecessary risks during storms, here’s the skinny. A tornado watch means all the weather geeks are hovering around their Doppler’s WATCHING for tornadoes. Conditions are right for tornadoes; but none have been spotted. A tornado WARNING means the weather gurus have seen a tornado and you had best get under cover. Move it!

What to do in case of a Tornado?

Here’s what the government says to do in case of tornado:   Tornado Safety.  

NOAA has great instructions for all kinds of situations you may find yourself in.

What the page doesn’t cover is having flashlights handy, a couple of blankets, and a battery or solar powered radio on hand. Electric is sure to go out. Blankets can be thrown over your body to help protect yourself from flying debris. And of course a radio can let you know when danger has passed.

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